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Tips for the Best Performance

Instructions for the Giraffe® Razor Extension Handle are on the back of the retail box which also includes photos with step-by-step instructions. If you prefer to watch a how-to-video, then locate the QR Code on the side of the box and scan it with your QR Code Scanner App. (You may have to download a compatible App. for your phone). After scanning, a new window will pop up on your screen with the video. If after reading and viewing the instructions you still have concerns or questions, please reach out to us on our customer service page. We will answer your questions at any time. We are here to help you with the “learning curve” that is needed to help you shave safely and comfortably.


Premium Disposable and Reusable Razors for Men and Women

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To obtain the optimal shaving experience with speed and accuracy, you need first to develop the proper technique. Not only does the appropriate technique help to build your shaving skills, but it also helps you to shave safely and comfortably with The Giraffe®. Only use razors from the compatibility list. Keep in mind that a razor handle made with a tacky rubber, or high friction surface area acts as a grip and creates a snug fit. The razor should not be able to “swivel from side to side” or “slip out” although, a slight amount of “give” is normal for most razor handles. The razor should not just “fall out” of the attachment; this would indicate using the wrong size razor attachment or a non-premium razor. WE CAN NOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH! Do not attempt to shave your legs when you do not have a secure razor in place. You are setting yourself up for failure.

*Hint: The small attachment fits most men’s razors while the large attachment fits most women’s razors. Always grip The Giraffe® as low as possible while still being able to reach the area you’re trying to shave; this will give you maximum leverage and stability.


Four Quick and Easy Steps


1). Select the attachment that best fits your premium disposable or reusable razor handle. It is always better to try using the small attachment first. Even if you feel like you’re almost forcing the razor handle into the attachment, this is better than using the large attachment and the razor being too small. Only use the large attachment when your razor handle does not fit in the opening of the small attachment. Sometimes you need to manipulate the razor into the small attachment, but you will have a very snug, secure fit.

The Giraffe Attachments

Patented Universal Razor Attachments Large and Small


Giraffe® Razor Extension Handle with Small Universal Razor Attachment


2). Press the lever and hold. Slide the razor handle into the opening of the Razor Attachment. Release lever to lock razor into place. Now tug on your razor. Is it secure? Can you hold The Giraffe® by the razor and there is no movement? Or, does it fall out? Again, do not proceed any further until you get a nice snug fit, also make sure that you seat the razor handle into the attachment as far as it can go. When you have achieved a secured fit, then you are ready to proceed to the next step.

Giraffe® Razor Extension Handle with Schick Razor inserted into Small Attachment

Giraffe® Razor Extension Handle with Schick Razor inserted into the Small Attachment


3). The purple buttons on the side of the handle are for adjusting the pivoting head. Press both buttons simultaneously and rotate the head to the desired position. Release buttons to lock into place, you will hear a click when confirmed. Experiment with the different angles of the pivoting head until you discover which position works best for you (this could change if you’re standing or sitting).

Giraffe Bath & Body®


4). The telescoping handle extends your razor’s handle up to an additional 15-20 inches in length. Press the button on the purple grip and slide handle to the desired length. Release button to lock into position, you will hear a click when confirmed.



We suggest that you try a couple of practice runs first. Leave the protective shield on your razor so that you will feel comfortable while getting acclimated with the amount of pressure to apply as well as where to grip the handle that gives you best position for optimal control. Please shave slowly at first, once you feel comfortable with everything, you’ll be able to increase your speed!

WARNING: Any use of any razor carries risks of injury. Giraffe Bath & Body® does not protect against injuries caused by the use of a razor. Do not use on face, head, neck, or back. The intended purpose is for shaving your legs. Please follow all the instructions.