About Us & The Giraffe®


The inspiration behind THE GIRAFFE® Razor Extension Handle’s unique design was to develop a shaving accessory that would assist women with varying physical abilities to shave their legs safely and comfortably. Our original intention was to create THE GIRAFFE® specifically to assist women who were unable to shave their legs due to the increasing discomfort of symptoms associated with the second and third trimester of pregnancy. But after researching the women’s current personal care and shaving market, it was discovered that there was an unmet demand for a shaving device for women limited in flexibility and mobility. These limitations or disabilities could stem from sports injuries, hip replacement surgery or a chronic medical condition such as arthritis, degenerative joint disease,  shoulder, neck and back pain or some other unforeseen circumstance. Shaving can be difficult, if not impossible with a short-handled razor especially when you are limited in flexibility and mobility. They say “necessity is the mother of invention” and thus The Giraffe® born….

Our Mission Statement

Giraffe Bath & Body® is passionate about providing personal care products
that help to “Bridge the Gap from Dependency to Self-sufficiency”
and improve the quality of life for anyone limited in
flexibility and mobility.